Water sports center in Chełm

01. Location Chełm (Lubelskie voivodeship, Poland)
02. Stage
03. Date 2013
04. Build cost 8 million EUR gross
05. Usable area 8 000 m²
06. Water surface area 900 m²
07. Investor Chełm
08. Description Chełm Water Sports Center was projected from the ground up by
resorting to the latest technologies, created by architects who are specialists in BIM technology, making
it possible for us to see and feel from the beginning how to correctly integrate all the different spaces,
attending to their characteristics and functions, allowing the facility to be built as a whole spacial
integration, rather than a mash of differentiated objects. The uniqueness about Chełm Water Sports
Center can be discovered with a simple stroll through the building, from the first feeling you get it's clear
this is not your typical water park, with the range of water attractions, spas with saunas and turkish
baths, resting places, food parlors, bars, pubs and night life, fitness spaces, pool area, squash courts, a
bowling alley, and even a barber shop, this facility is meant to occupy the most of your leisure time, and
this is the key word - Leisure.
The interaction between spaces and users is immense, not only is it possible to enjoy the specific spaces
in a practical and fun way, but also to perceive all that Chełm Water Sports Center has to offer, due to
the well thought architecture and engineering, offering the user different open view possibilities and
feelings of relaxation, fun, adrenaline, whatever the need is, Chełm Water Sports Center has it.
Even though we are in the presence of a modern creation, the connections, trough unique visual
molding and characteristic materials, make such a project a part of the local fauna, integrating and
embedding it with the surroundings, standing out without losing its coherence and bonds with the town.
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